Therapeutic Support and your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Plan For Disable People

Therapeutic Support and your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Plan For Disable People
There is a wide range of therapeutic support available for the individuals and every support has to be provided by a qualified provider.

Receiving funding for the NDIS therapeutic support is quite common. The NDIS providers like Crescent Community Care support the individuals in this matter. There is a wide range of therapeutic support available for the individuals and every support has to be provided by a qualified provider. The main goal of NDIS therapeutic support is to support your participation, autonomy, and independence in ADLs.

This can cover the areas such as personal care, community living, and interpersonal interactions, language, and mobility. Being the NDIS participant, the therapeutic support that you need will be categorized in the “improved daily living” area. These are the types of support that help in improving everyday living skills so that individuals with disabilities can live a better life in which they have control and choices.

The therapy that falls in this category also supports the individuals to improve relationships with others too as well as helps to support, enhance and maintain wellbeing and health.

Which Therapeutic Supports NDIS can fund?

Therapeutic supports are a crucial category of your NDIS plan and this is a phrase that specifies a wide range of support. Nevertheless, collectively, therapeutic support helps the individuals by supporting their functional skills and independence enhancement. These are the supports that provide assistance in every activity of daily life like moving around, communicating, relationship building, community participation, and personal care, etc. The Therapeutic Support falls mainly under several NDIS budgets within the category of “Capacity Building”:

  •         Improved Daily Living:

When you come around the phrase of therapeutic support, it mostly falls in this budgeting category. This is the NDIS budget that offers to fund for working collaboratively with therapists that can support in enhancement of independence, efficacious participation in the community, and achieving your aims.

  •         Improved Relationships:

This is the NDIS budget that offers therapies for the aspect of social skills development as well as behavioral intervention, which supports relationship development and enhancement.

  •         Improved Health/Wellbeing:

This is the NDIS budget that offers consultation from the physiologists, dietitians, and personal trainers, etc, to support the individual attain and maintain better health.

Types of Therapeutic Support funded by NDIS that we provide:

We, at Crescent Community Care, provide various types of therapeutic support that the NDIS will fund, depending on the individualized goals and needs. Moreover, this support can be provided at ether individual and group settings, in-home, online or at the healthcare center. A summarization of support services that we offer have been provided as below, under the Improved Daily Living budget:


  •         Supporting the individuals to develop emotional acceptance and growth as well as support their self-knowledge.
  •         Developing and acquiring personal resources to support the venture towards individualized goal development.
  • Assessments and Support:
  •         This involves training, care provision and supervision that will support the individual by responding to the critical care needs.

Assistance, Recommendation, Therapy or Training:

  •         These are provided as per the need and exigencies of the individual by a suitable and qualified health professional.
  •         Along with these, assessment and assistance with assistive technology support is also provided.

Therapy Assistance:

  •         The therapy is supported by an allied health assistant, that too under critical supervision of a registered therapist.

Community Engagement Assistance:

  •         This is the type of support provided for empowering the individuals to enhance their social interactions.
  •         Support is provided for actively participating in the community groups to assist individuals in individualized goals achievement.

Exercise Physiology and Dietitian Consultation:

  •         This support is providing by offering advices about exercises that can enhance your life quality.
  •         Advices regarding health and wellbeing management are also provided.

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