Independent Living Services

We are committed to providing independent living services for disabled individuals with quality care. Our goal is to enable independent living for those with disabilities. We recognize that having a disability can introduce unique challenges in daily life. We provide services that support independence, dignity, and diversity, focusing on NDIS assistance with daily living. Our experience staff can examine your home and adjustment to improve accessibility and safety. 

We assist with daily living disability services, including managing finances, scheduling appointments, and managing services, in addition to personal care assistance. For people with disabilities, socializing and having fun are crucial components of daily life

ndis assistance with daily living

Key Benefits

At Crescent Community Care, we are dedicated to positively impacting your life by offering compassionate care and support. Experience a renewed sense of freedom and independence with our comprehensive Daily Living services.



We’re promoting the freedom and independence of individuals by providing access to multiple daily living services for disabled individuals.



We take immense pride in our commitment to quality. We understand that individuals with disabilities rely on our services for everyday life.



We provide services customized to the unique needs of our clients, such as selecting support or scheduling services according to personal time slots.


Community Support

We allow our clients to connect with a community of other disabled individuals by offering a support system for sharing experiences.



We enable clients to access various services from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for in-person visits or dependence on others for help.


Quality Assurance

To live freely and independently by providing access to multiple daily living services for disabled people that meet their requirements.

disability assisted daily living

Our Approach

Our approach to providing assisted daily living services for individuals with disabilities focuses on promoting independence, dignity, and inclusivity. We build trustworthy relationships with the individuals we serve by taking the time to listen and understand. Our experience team has extensive experience working with individuals with disabilities. 

We offer many services that meet the diverse aspects of daily living for individuals with disabilities, from personal care support to home modifications and transportation aids to meal planning and preparation.