Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC)

SSRC For Every Need

Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC) is a legally NSW (New South Wales) recognized arrangement that provides overnight respite care or behavior support for children outside their family home. When parents seek professional care and support for their child for three or more nights in seven days, they can turn to SSRC services.

At Crescent Community Care, our SSRC program ensures that children receive specialised care and assistance in a safe and nurturing environment. We adhere to the Child Safe Scheme and follow a strict code of practice to provide every child’s well-being in our care.

ssrc for every need

Our Guide To Different Types Of SSRCs

At Crescent Community Care, our SSRC child care services include:

group home stays

Group Home Stays

We provide nurturing environments in our group homes, where children can stay three or more nights within seven days, promoting growth, independence, and social connections.

respite care

Respite Care

We offer short-term accommodation through the NDIS. Our respite care services allow children to stay in a caring environment while their parents take a break from other responsibilities.

host family

Host Family Arrangements

We facilitate overnight stays with carefully selected host families. These arrangements allow children to experience care while providing behavior support in a nurturing environment.


Long-Term Residential Care

For children who require ongoing care, we provide longer-term solutions. Our residential care programs offer a structured environment where children can receive specialized care.

changing behaviour

Behavior Change Programs

We offer residential programs to support behavior change. These programs provide therapeutic interventions to help children overcome challenges and develop positive behaviors.

support camps

Support Camps

We organize respite or behavior support camps funded through the NDIS, allowing children to engage in recreational activities while receiving the care and support they need.

The Child Safe Standards

Under the Child Safe Scheme, all organizations interacting with children in NSW must follow the NSW Child Safe Standards. The ten standards are:

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As an NDIS service provider, Crescent Community Care focuses on providing excellent support.
Our mission is straightforward but profound: to improve the lives of those we serve. We light the
way to individual growth and empowerment through our specialised Substitute Residential Care
(SSRC) programme.

We believe in each person’s unique abilities, and our dedication to quality care distinguishes us.
Our SSRC programme is a testament to this dedication, providing tailored support that fosters
potential and independence. Join us today and let Crescent Community Care be the foundation of
positive change for your loved ones. Learn how our services can help make your community
more inclusive and resilient. Contact us right away to begin this transformative journey with us. 

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